Venezuelan Family Gets New Start; Andres is Amazed at Kindness of Strangers

Andres loves his new chair from The Green Chair Project

“We have never received such kindness,” said Andres, a father who was recently able to get his family out of Venezuela and come to the U.S. There, he had a job and a house. With a college education and a career, he could provide for his family.

Here in North Carolina, he has a new life. Thanks to Green Chair volunteer Susan Ricks, and White Memorial Presbyterian Church, Andres and his wife were able to bring their family here to shop for essential furnishings.

When Susan visited their apartment, she said, “All they had was two blow-up mattresses. Not a chair or a table. Nothing.” Now, thanks to our Sweeter Dreams bed program, both boys have a new bed to sleep in. And the family has a chair and couch for resting, and a table for sharing a meal.

“I have no words of thanks for this humble gift for my family,” said Andres.

Andres and his wife were so grateful, in fact, that he returned to The Green Chair and prepared a meal for the staff.

“Now we have the satisfaction of placing ourselves as those who give,” he said.

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